We Deliver Consistently Good Coffee That You Look Forward To Every Day

There’s nothing worse than pouring your cup of coffee, taking that first sip, just to find out it doesn't taste as good as last time. That's why at Giannos, it's our goal to provide a coffee you can look forward to. Reliable, well balanced taste in every single cup.

Cultivating a Culture of Raising The Bar— Connecting People’s Desire for High-quality To The Planet’s Most Premium Coffee


Only The Best Is Good Enough For Our Meticulous Selection Process

The inspiration begins Giannos goes back to the 1980s when a Greek immigrant John Kantlis (called Giannos by his friends and family) opened his restaurant in Queens, NY.

John not only valued hard work, but he emphasized the importance of quality with every meal he served. The goal of his business was to build a place “Where good food and good people come together”. Simple as that.

The restaurant was a huge success running for over 40 years, and while it closed after John's passing in 2020, his business values and beliefs were carried over into a new business created by his son Chris. And that's how Giannos was born.

Giannos exemplifies everything that John stood for; consistently outstanding quality of products and service.

Every product that bears the name Giannos goes through a rigorous quality assurance process delivering the best we have to offer.
This process allows us to deliver the best products possible as well as deliver consistency unmatched in the industry.

Today, Giannos offers a wide range of coffee blends from our signature classics, single-origin to delicious flavored roasts.
We are constantly growing our product portfolio with new, top-quality products to elevate the standards of the coffee industry.


I Believe That Nobody Deserves Bland, Watered Down, Inconsistent Coffee That Leaves You With a Bitter Aftertaste

As someone who drinks an exuberant amount a coffee every day but is on the road a lot, I was forced to drink coffee from major chains and tried possibly every version of their water downed light roast or an expensive cup of coffee with a nasty after taste.

Over the years, I tried everything from K-Cups, ground coffee, whole beans etc. I also tried sourcing coffee from hip supermarkets just to get disappointed about the quality again. I felt like people were only making coffee for maximizing profit and not too concerned about the actual quality of the coffee.

Similarly to you, I just got tired of being forced to drink mediocre coffee and decided to look for something better. A LOT BETTER. After years of research I came across coffee beans that would change my view of coffee. They were amazing, smooth, balanced, and most importantly with no after taste.

All of a sudden, I have found a new appreciation of what coffee should be. That is why Giannos is not your regular cup of coffee. Our coffee is carefully sourced, and always processed the ame way, delivering consistenttly amazing expperience. Now, you and me both get to enjoy a great cup of coffee everyday.

Finally Find Your Coffee Soulmate

“My friends and family were very pleased with the taste of this wonderful coffee. It’s very smooth, excellent quality. Simply love this coffee!”

- Amy K.

“I used to buy Kirkland brand from Costco as well as Starbucks coffee. Unlike those brands, this coffee has no bitter finish.”

- Josh B.

“Where did you get this coffee from? I’ve never smelled and tasted better coffee before. You will get me in a lot of trouble.”

- Competitor’s Salesperson