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Giannos 100% Colombian Ground 12oz


Kickstart your day with the distinct Colombian coffee aroma—mild but rich. These superior Arabica beans make a cup of medium-bodied goodness that’s a treat for the buds. This single origin 100% Colombian Fair Trade coffee is naturally infused with a fruitier taste featuring gentle hints of citrus, and a clean smooth finish.

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Why You'll Love It

Every single-origin roast from Giannos is carefully selected and roasted to bring the best taste worthy of true coffee aficionados.


The Origin of Giannos 100% Colombian:
Single Origin Colombian Arabica explores distinctive fruity flavors, as the weather is primed for growing beans of superior features. With perfect amounts of rain, sun, and elevation, Colombian soil is credited with infusing unique flavor profiles of citrusy fruitiness and higher acidity. Giannos’ signature medium roast ensures every cup sustains and delivers the brilliant natural flavors.

Only The Best Is Good Enough

We are committed to serving you the highest quality coffee with hand-selected beans from around the world. Even though the FDA does not consider coffee to be food, we would like to provide some general insight into our coffees and manufacturing process below:

We offer specialty coffees that are:

  • Organic Certified by Organic Crop Improvement Association
  • Fair Trade Certified by The Fair Trade Alliance
  • Rain Forest Certified by the Rain Forest Alliance
  • Kosher Certified by Star-K.
  • Each package would bear the appropriate symbol if it has been certified by any of the above agencies.

Our Sourcing Process

We source our coffees from all over the world:

Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador), South America (Colombia, Brazil, Peru), East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania), and South East Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Java) and specialties from other parts of the world.

Some of these coffees, like our single-origin organic coffees, are sourced from Fair Trade Organic certified farms. We also seasonally purchase coffee from farms with the following certifications: Rainforest Alliance, and various others!

Due to seasonality and trade secrets, we do not list the country of origin for our coffee blends as they are subject to change in order to keep our flavor profiles consistent.

Roasting & Blending

All Giannos coffees are hand-selected and roasted in-house to specific standards and flavor profiles. We roast regular and decaffeinated coffees daily, and the decaffeinated coffee is either decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process or via other standard industry processing.

No matter the roasting profile, Light, Medium, Dark, and anything in between, we focus on bringing out the best the beans possible. Our most popular blended coffee is our Giannos Classic.

Additionally, not all of our coffee is blended, some beans stand on their own.

Our single-origin branded coffee is always 100% from that specific country of origin. The unique characteristics of these beans stand out and vary by season, which means that we cup every single roast to ensure you get the delicious flavor you expect each time.


For the Love of Coffee

We believe that you should start your day with a cup of coffee you can look forward to. That's why we focus on carefully sourcing coffee and perfecting our roasts to ensure every single cup delivers consistent notes and flavor. Our coffee experience is a thrill for the senses.